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How can there be pain in a place where there is so much joy? A loving relationship is the most awesome experience in the world. This is why it also holds the potential for so much sadness. There are so many things that can go wrong. We must remember, "Better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all." If we have this attitude we can hold ourselves together during the hard times and rejoice that we have this awesome gift during the good times...!!

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A leaf falling from the tree is at the mercy of wind, it goes wherever wind takes it.
 Be the wind to drive others, not the leaf to 
be driven by others!

It is better to cry than to be angry, 
because anger hurts others while 
tears flow silently threw the soul and 
cleanses the heart..

Kill the stress before it kills u. 
 Reach the goal before it kicks you. 
 Help everyone before someone helps you.

Good rrlation like a long chain in which 
every ring is attach with other and 
dependent if one ring is open then the all chain is break and brcome useless...!!

Being a good person is like being a goal keper No matter how many brilliant saves u hav on ur record People will remember only da one u missed...!!

Life is the toughest school. U never know
 what class u r in, what exam u'll have next &
 u can't cheat because nobody else has the same question paper..!!

Ship is always Safe at the Shore 
Bt it is not Built 4 it! 
So,don’t Limit Urself and Always Take 
Success Is Beyond The Risks…!!

If Someone follow the way guided by 
human, He will find a Hopeless End; 
But If Someone follow the way guided by 
Allah, He will find a Endless Hope...!!

Be like a candle 
which burns itself 
gives light to others...!!

Silence & smile are two powerful tools. 
Smile is the way to solve many problems. 
Silence is the way to avoid many 

The Most Hmbl Statement .. "I am 
NOTHING without ALLAH." And the 
Most Powerful Statement is.. "With

Mistakes are painful but years later a collection of mistakes called "Experience" Leads us to "Success" So dont be Afraid 
of "Mistakes"

Pain Makes you Stronger. 
Tears Makes you braver. 
Heartbreak Makes you wiser. 
So Thank The past for a 
better future...!!

When You fall in Love with someone 
Don’t think just start enjoying it 
Because after some time 
You will not be in position 
to enjoy anything...!!

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